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Our Funeral Service

Zamokuhle Funeral Directors offers you a peace of mind when it comes to that point in life where you need a reliable source to see you through the tough times. Here at Zamokuhle each client is seen as an individual therefore we offer the unique needed service for each of our customers. We offer economic prices at competitive rates and premiums on our services but of course we do not sacrifice our deliverance of quality.
We welcome you to our proud family where we take care of your needs. Indeed when that time comes it becomes one of the toughest moments of our lives and one can never get used to the pain it causes but we at Zamokuhle Funeral Directors understand how you feel. So to you we offer a peace of mind by providing affordable and professional Funeral Services.
For further information about us. You are more than welcomed to further explore our website where you will find all the relevant information to which we hope will satisfy your questions if not you are more than welcome to contact us on our contact page via e-mail or calling us on the numbers given on the contact page.

To our Clients

We offer the following services and products with dedication and proficiency.
A coffin service which offers a wide range coffins with the pricing structured to affordability catering to the common man on the street right through to the classy individuals.

Mortuary Service

This service includes transportation, a coffin for the collection of the deceased, embalmment service and a church trolley for the church service.
A transportation service includes a hearse and suitable transportation for the family and mourners. At the graveside we will provide tents and a lowering device.


We also offer a comprehensive consultation service to advise on group scheme management strategy from a macro and micro viewpoint. Our experienced consultants will analyse your group scheme and summarise and present the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your scheme. We will then put together a comprehensive strategic plan to streamline and optimise your group scheme as well as elaborate on the actions that need to take place to keep your current members and attract new members.
All factors will be taken into consideration including premises, equipment, system, staff, training, expense management, marketing, service offerings and many more. Allow us to help you transform your group scheme

Training & Support

We offer a comprehensive support infrastructure to all participating group schemes.
Support begins on your individual group scheme website with helpful tips on every page. There is also an online support training video that explains in detail how to solve a problem you are facing. To take into consideration slow internet connections, we have a support DVD that features all the videos that are on the website. If the online video is too slow to load you can watch the referenced video directly from the DVD. If the text or video support is not sufficient to solve your problem, then you can speak to one of our helpful telephone operators who will guide you in the right direction to solve the problem you are having. For more information visit our website Long Life Administration Systems.

Zamokuhle Funeral Directors have designed reasonable funeral policies that are packaged to cover and cater for all your needs during such times. SMS "Zamokuhle" to 45826 or call us today!!