Terms and Conditions

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Membership Certificate

Terms and Conditions


1. If one of my family member was buried by other parlour Zamokuhle will calculate the premium I've contributed ,and give to the client as premium cash back , but if the policy was lapsed and starting the waiting period again the calculation will be starting on the new waiting period. The total claim amount will not exceed R4000. (Documents to claim cash back) I.D Copy of policy holder
I.D. Copy of the deceased
B.I.1663 forms (clear copy)
Death certificate copy
: If the deceased is from 4months up to 20years of age, the calculation will be half of the amount calculated as the service are not the same as adult.
a) If not, the client can choose the service listed on the pamphlets Besides Grave, Coffin, Hearse and family car, as the anonymous parlour both have. All the documents to claim the service are same as above.
b) If the client has more than one policy, that means, funeral cover and grocery scheme, the client must produce the claim documentation as required by Zamokuhle to claim for their grocery, the required documents are as follows I.D. Copy of policy holder I.D. Copy of the deceased Death certificate copy Proof of premium payment (booklet from ZFD) All claims takes two (2) days before the claim pays Table of payment for grocery: 21 years upwards. R2000.00
: 11 years. to 20 years. R1000.00
: 6 years to 10 years. R800.00
: 4 months to 5 years R500.00
c) There is no payment of any claim on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

2. There is no refund for any service that was not rendered due to some special arrangement or due to some different situation in that particular area or time (e.g. If Zamokuhle arrange the funeral in the area where there is no transport specifically Taxies,) Zamokuhle will use any transport that can help the community to reach the grave yard if not possible. No transport no refund.

3. No replacement of the service listed on the pamphlet with something that is not on the pamphlet, or refund of any money for any service that is not rendered due to differentiation of places or family needs.


1. The services listed on the pamphlets are only for the clients from 21 years and above no age limit.
Breakdown of services offered according to ages.
a) 11 years to 20 years. : Collecting, Storage, coffin , Tent and 20 chairs.
: 50 funeral programmes, 1x fresh flower, 1x table.
: Hearse and 8x Taxies
b) 6 years to 10 years. : collecting, storage, coffin,
: Hearse and 5 Taxies
c) 4 months to 5 years.: collecting, storage
: Coffin, hearse and 2x Taxies
d) Still born baby. : Collecting, storage,
: Coffin, hearse, 2x Taxies the stillborn baby will ONLY for the policy holder, OR the spouse of the policy holder covered on the policy schedule. No transportation of the stillborn baby from one province to another unless the client pays the quoted amount by that time.
(No claims is acceptable for still born baby)
(The grave is not covered for still born baby.)
: The grave amount will not exceed R2000, if that happens the policy holder/ family will add the difference of the grave.
: No refund for grave fee of any kind.
All this services will be rendered on a local area where the deceased or corpse is situated.
For transportation of corpse from one province to another Zamokuhle will only transport the client from the age of 21 years upwards.
Service from one province to another
a) 21 years upwards. Collecting, storage, Coffin and, 1x Taxi with trailer, The Taxi is not allowed to stay more than two days per each family, if that so the family must pay for extra days according to the quoted amount.
b) Zamokuhle will only transport the corpse anywhere in South Africa But if the Corpse had to cross the border, the family had to pay extra kilometres from the boarder to their place and it depends on quoted amount. (No credit is acceptable for that situation).
c) 4 months up to 20 years: collecting, storage and Coffin.
d) If the distance from one point to graveyard is more than 50km, so the family will add on for transport or Zamokuhle will reduce the maximum of (10 taxies) to accommodate the distance or use other transportation as they will be discussed with policy holder.
If the family wants to transport that particular age of person, for Zamokuhle to give them a transport, the family will pay the half price of the transport depending on the quoted amount by that time (no credit is acceptable)

Only For Clients Who use Passport

There will be no transportation of the corpse from one place to another.
No claims of any kind are acceptable.
No different of policy is acceptable.
No extended family members are acceptable.
No grave is covered under their scheme.
No burial of the stillborn baby unless the family pays for it.
(Refer to the application forms for services rendered.) If the policy is not paying the premium for two (2) consecutive months the policy lapsed, all the members listed on the policy are not covered.
I accept and understand the terms and conditions as stipulated on this membership certificate and take responsibility of my policy, I'll be responsible for any payments that will be in need under this policy
All burial societies must check their contract with Zamokuhle as they are stipulating according their differentiation.